Thursday, December 8, 2011



What means by people?????? 
people means someone who have various of behaviors or types.  so that we can not guess what really people's 21 years old i was breath till today.... I was found many types of peoples...but i want stated here that people that i have found today was not same with the people that i found at 2003-2007.  the people on that time was a truly heart, kind and know what is called 'FRIEND'.  They know how to appreciate a friend, how to care of their friend's heart.  

I have many of friends, so i can guess who was really want to be friend with me, who really be friend with me because of kindly heart, my friend on sad and happy.  I wish I will be friend with them forever because my heart can not deny it to say that i really love them.  Love them with all my heart.  Thanks friend because of being my friend till now.  

What i want to share here is today, I was frustrated because of peoples around. I wish i will found people who have kindly heart again.  and I wish i will be friend with all my friend that I met on 2003- 2007 till my last breath... I really miss all my friends...:'( 

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